SWFL Cleaning Business CEO and Business Coach, Barbara Garcia-DeLucien,
shares her Spring Cleaning Secrets

Contact: Barbara Garia-DeLucien

March 7, 2021: Fort Myers – As soon as the weather begins to warm, just like the birds happily welcoming spring, people begin to get the urge for “nesting”. It’s instinctive to want to create a place where we feel comfortable and in control. A clean, tidy space is calming, comforting, and gives us a sense of security. Especially after almost a year of hardly leaving our homes due to the spread of Covid-19, we all could use a little freshness in our lives!

The thought of spring cleaning can be overwhelming though and may seem impossible to be able to detail clean your entire house. Professionals overcome this by using a team on large cleaning projects. If you live with someone else, use them as your team to get the work done faster. For example, each person cleans their room according to the checklist and then one other room in the home. If you don’t live with someone, maybe partner up with a friend to team clean your home and then theirs. 



Cleaning your whole house
can feel like eating an elephant.
Just be sure to take one bite 

at a time. “


  1. Schedule it! – As with any challenge, having a plan helps us get it through it. Set aside blocks of time to Spring Clean. You probably won’t be able to get it all done in one day and if you did you would be exhausted. The most important thing to do is just START. Once you get started keep the momentum going by playing great music and keep moving. Only 20% of people ever truly finish what they start to make a commitment to yourself that you will get this done.
  1. Break it into small tasks – Cleaning your whole house can be like eating an elephant. Just be sure to take one bite at a time. 
  • Declutter First. It’s easier to clean surfaces when you don’t have to move items to get to them. Be careful to not let yourself get sidetracked with personal items. This is where the professionals have the advantage! We can declutter and not get distracted by a stack of old photos or a pile of mail to go through. We just organize items, put them in their place, and move on. Turn off your emotional connection to the items in your home and decluttering becomes so much easier. 
  • Start with the biggest jobs. Begin in the most lived-in rooms in your home which is likely the kitchen and bathrooms. This is where the most build-up occurs and will take the most time. When you tackle the hardest work first the rest feels easier. 
  • Finish off one room at a time. Give yourself a place to stop by completing one room at a time. Get all the cleaning done in that room before moving on to the next. This is how professionals stay on task and get the home thoroughly cleaned. 
  1. Use the right tools and products. When you use the best tools you get the best results. 
  • Professionals use microfiber and/or low-lint cotton towels and mops to do most of the cleaning. This is because microfiber is highly absorbent and acts like a magnet to dust. 
  • Natural cleaning products are safe for people, pets, and plants and work just as well as one containing toxic ingredients. There are many great all-natural cleaning products available commercially or you can make your own from distilled water, vinegar, alcohol, and/or essential oils. If you have a great all-purpose cleaning product you can use it on most surfaces including counters, cabinets, furniture, glass, and floors. 
  • Have a step-stool and extension dusters. You’ll need to reach some high place to capture dust and cobwebs. 
  • Use a great vacuum. A vacuum is a great tool for capturing dirt and dust and removing it permanently from your home. Choose one with great filtration such as HEPA filters and that has a hose with additional tools for upholstery, dusting, and crevices. 
  1. Shhhh! Here’s the Big Secret to Get Professional Results. Clean from Top to Bottom and In A Circle. That’s it! Sounds simple doesn’t it? This is how cleaning professionals can move quickly and efficiently to detail clean an entire home and avoid missing areas. Cleaning from top to bottom keeps the dust and dirt moving in the direction of the floor which you will clean last. Cleaning a circle starting at the entrance of the room keeps you on task and focused so that you clean every single surface. 
  1. Celebrate!! It’s time to reward yourself for completing this work and giving yourself a sparkling clean home to enjoy. Order some takeout and savor it in your home without messing up your shiny kitchen counters. Breath in the freshness of the air in your home now that the dust has been removed. It will surely smell and feel wonderful from all of your spring cleaning efforts. 
  1. Keep it up! The other thing that professional cleaners do is maintain the cleanliness of the home. Now that you have it sparkling clean, schedule maintenance cleaning time each week or every other week just like the professionals do. 

Now is the time to start your Spring Cleaning plan. Organize It and Sweeps is here to help with our free Detail and Maintenance Cleaning Checklist. Get your home clean and keep it clean from now on using the plan created by professionals. 


The whole team at Organize It is excited for a great Spring Cleaning Season in 2021!! The only challenge is that we need more people who love to serve others and love to clean to join our amazing team of cleaning professionals. We are looking for people with caring hearts to come to learn and grow with Organize It. No experience necessary!

Making Lives Better is our mission at Organize It. It’s our goal to not only make our clients’ lives better but instead, we start with working hard to make our employees’ lives better with a great schedule, no nights or weekends, great pay, benefits, and professional and personal development opportunities. 


Organize It is locally owned and operated by Barbara Garcia-DeLucine who has been a long-time entrepreneur and philanthropist in Fort Myers, FL. Barbara is a member of Cleaning Business Fundamentals (CBF) which is an international organization of home cleaning professionals that together strive for business and personal excellence. In 2020, Barbara became a Certified CBF Cleaning Business Coach and now teaches cleaning business owners how to improve their businesses and their lives with the CBF program. Organize It is also a member of Cleaning for a Reason and has provided a free home for over 20 local cancer patients totaling over $6,000 in donated cleaning. It is Barbara’s personal and professional mission to Make Live Better in all that they do. To learn more visit Organize It Services