Hi, I’m Libby, the proud owner of Organize It, the world’s most organized cleaning company. Today, I’m excited to dive into the transformative world of organization. Many of you have reached out with a common plea: “Help, I can’t seem to stay organized!” Let’s unpack what organization really means and discover strategies to not only achieve but maintain a clutter-free life.

Understanding Clutter and Its Impact:

Clutter isn’t just about having too many things; it’s about items in our home that no longer serve us—like those extra three spatulas in the kitchen drawer or clothes piling up on your dresser. Clutter can be anything from unused items, misplaced projects needing attention, or even clothes awaiting a simple button fix. Recognizing what constitutes clutter is the first step to reclaiming your space.

The Difference Between Cleaning and Organizing:

It’s essential to distinguish between cleaning and organizing. Cleaning addresses the natural accumulation of dirt and dust, while organizing involves sorting through and purging items brought into the home. In my professional opinion, organizing should always come first. This approach prevents the unnecessary stirring up of dust and makes the subsequent cleaning process more efficient.

The Emotional Cost of Disorganization:

Did you know the average person loses up to 90 minutes a day searching for misplaced items? Imagine what you could do with that extra time—pursue a new hobby, exercise, or spend more time with loved ones. Gaining control over your space can dramatically enhance your productivity and reduce daily stress.

Exploring the Root Causes of Disorganization:

Everyone has unique challenges with organization. Common barriers include:

  1. Lack of effective habits
  2. Little respect for belongings
  3. Perceived lack of time
  4. Rebellion against order
  5. Perfectionism
  6. Procrastination
  7. Life’s setbacks

Identifying your personal barriers to organization is crucial for developing strategies that resonate with your lifestyle and challenges.

Strategies for Effective Organization:

Organizing effectively means thinking in categories, not places. Gather all similar items in one spot to assess what you have and decide what truly matters. This method ensures nothing is overlooked and promotes a thorough approach to organizing.

The Marie Kondo Influence:

We embrace Marie Kondo’s principles, focusing on retaining items that spark joy. This approach not only simplifies the organizing process but also enriches your living space with items that enhance your life.


Being organized doesn’t mean maintaining a picture-perfect home but ensuring everything has its place. At Organize It, we believe in providing you the tools and support to create a functional, joyful space. Remember, perfection isn’t the goal—peace and functionality are.

Thanks for joining me in exploring the joys and challenges of staying organized. Here at Organize It, we’re not just cleaning; we’re cultivating spaces that help you live better. Let’s tackle the clutter and make room for more joy in your life!