What Professional Organizers Really Do?

Today, I talk about a question we get often. Is a professional organizer or a house cleaner? Do professional organizers do interior decorating or design? We answer these questions.

Any professional organizer will be very quick to clarify that they do not clean and they do not offer decorating services. A home organization is a system of many decisions and outcomes, and lifestyle adjustments. That’s part of changing. That’s part of the process.

The systems created in a home organization plan by a professional organizer require conscious effort, ongoing interest, and motivation. Once we come in and organize that house, it takes ongoing effort, and ongoing motivation to keep it maintained, and we will do our best job to create the simplest system to maintain. Because of these things, it takes a tremendous amount of focus and dedication during the process of organizing your home. It’s not something that any organizer would ever pressure you into.

At Organize It our organizers don’t clean, and our cleaners don’t organize. It is a different skillset, and organzing is very hard to teach.

A good way to think about organizing as we move items that have been brought into the home by us (humans). We’ve brought these items into the home. It’s our fault, or it’s a result of our decisions, our human decisions. Where a cleaner is moving and removing items that naturally cumulate, are a natural accumulation, which is, dirt, dust, and maybe shower buildup on the walls from the water or from the soap.

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