An Organized/Clean home is a healthier home and, as we kick off the New Year, lots of us commit to getting healthier. So here are a few quick tips for making your home healthier this year:

  • As you put away your holiday gifts, use the time to declutter. The more stuff you have in your home, the harder it is to clean. Toss, donate, or pack away items you can live without.
  • Clean your house plants. Live plants improve the air quality in your home but not if they are full of dust. Wipe the leaves carefully with a microfiber cloth.
  • Replace the air filters in your heater/conditioner.
  • Sanitize hard surfaces in your home to prepare for cold and flu season. Spray a disinfectant on a clean cleaning cloth (not a dirty rag!) and regularly wipe all of the surfaces in your home that are touched frequently like counters, phones, light switches, door knobs, remotes, and game controllers.
  • Clean your oven! It was probably working overtime during the holidays. Get it back to optimum working order.
  • Getting healthier isn’t just about eating better and exercising. Reducing stress is a key player too. A messy home reminds you of all the work that needs to be done and THAT can make you feel very stressed! Start with our tips and of course regular house cleanings from Organize It!

Best wishes for a happy, healthy New Year from our family to yours!

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