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We know you love feeling good at home with a clean and refreshing space. Wouldn’t you like to take advantage of a discounted Home Cleaning at 40% OFF original prices by signing up with Organize-It’s Home Flex Program?

The flex program was designed to provide our employees with consistent schedules when gaps occur due to cancellations. Our flex program clients are the padding that allows us to fill the gaps in their schedules, and in return, you receive a sweet deal.


  1. Select the desired recurring service schedule (Weekly, Bi-weekly).
  2. Based on the selected schedule, we select the day, time, and technician for your cleaning (with notification ahead of time).
  3. If a full-paying client reschedules we will shift your cleaning to fill in any gaps.
  4. Members of this program MUST be flexible and able to accommodate cleanings on the day and time we select to schedule your home cleaning.
  5. Flex program is a 6-month subscription, after 6 months resubmit your entry if you would like to be considered for renewal.
  6. Our Flex Homes are sometimes used to shoot Media and Promotional material. We promise not to get any personal info in the pictures. We love to capture the amazing job our Cleaning/Organizing Techs deliver! Here is an example:


To help our employees stay busy, happy, and earn reliable income with consistent schedules year-round. Even though we don’t make a profit on your home, you assist us in providing online reviews, direct feedback, and filling the open spaces in our schedules.

Our commitment to better people’s lives and provide opportunities begins with our employees by promoting a work environment that guarantees consistency and stability.

We hope you’ll consider joining our Home Flex Program; if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Learn more about our policies:

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-Reschedule, Skip & Cancellation Policy

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